For several years now, we have enjoyed the presence and
the specialized ministry of the Rev. Margaret Peery on the
MPC staff in an unpaid capacity as Parish Visitor.
Margaret has discerned that it is time for her to retire,
fully and completely, and so will be leaving our staff as of
our Sunday worship service on December 5, in which she
will co-officiate communion with me. She departs from us
confirming that for her, the work has been a joy and a
source of sustenance, and in her private life, she is now
ready, and the time is right, to enjoy good health, her
husband and family, and the irreplaceable gift of time.
What can one say about someone as helpful, skilled,
undemanding and collegial as Margaret? She was and is
uniquely suited to offer pastoral care for our
congregation. The skills she brought to our table stem
from an amazing combination of personality, doctoral
level education, ministerial experience, pastoral
authority, credentials as a pastoral counselor, licensure as
a marriage and family therapist, years of counseling
experience, a deeply developed spirituality, and so much
As this position was unique to Margaret, there are no
plans or expectations that the church will be seeking a
successor. We will keep following God’s lead, continually
being reformed by the Holy Spirit, who is always at work
meeting the needs of our community, our members, and
the world with the varied and constantly evolving gifts of
our growing church family.
So, all one can say at the end of the day is a heartfelt
thank you: to Margaret, for her kindness, compassion,
great good humor, mature wisdom, and nuanced,
Christian spiritual faithfulness; and to God, for having
given us someone so extraordinary to help see us through
times of epic global crisis and our own day to day
triumphs, tragedies, worries and hopes. Margaret, from
all of us, thanks for being there.
Please join me in wishing Margaret a long, healthy, happy
retirement to enjoy her phenomenal family, her many
varied interests, and the time to savor God’s presence and
God’s blessings. Thank you, Margaret!