MPC Family Recipes

12/6/20Ambrosia by Mary Jo ClarkRecipe
12/7/20Cranberry Frappe by Beth FountainRecipe
12/9/20Roast Brisket by Anne SeamanRecipe
12/11/20Leftover Holiday Turkey Casserole by Linda HobsonRecipe
12/14/20Pecan Pie by Jane AndersonRecipe
12/16/20Santa's Cheese Wafers by Peggy WilliamsonRecipe
12/18/20Grandmother Porter's Christmas Slaw by Eric NicholsRecipe
12/21/20Favorite Chocolate Pound Cake by Clara HareRecipe
12/23/20Shortbread Cookies with Rosemary by Susanne McCaskillRecipe
12/25/20Mil's Cheese Straws by Anne RogersRecipe
12/28/20Jesus' Birthday Cake by Martha CampbellRecipe
12/30/20Shrimp and Grits by Jane AndersonRecipe
1/1/21Fruitcake Cookies by Kat AchtemeierRecipe
1/4/21Yummy Ham Sandwiches by Mari GramlingRecipe
1/8/21Christmas Bread by Gill CampbellRecipe
1/11/21Pineapple Casserole by Clara HareRecipe
1/13/21Date Nut Muffins by Vivian HareRecipe
1/18/21Alberta's Pecan Pie by Ginnie SullivanRecipe
1/20/21Candied Pecans by Christina TutterowRecipe
1/22/21Cranberry-Pineapple Sauce by Marylyn HuffRecipe