Christian Education: Peggy Williamson – Session Liaison: Grace Nichols

  • Earth Care subcommittee: Hal Demarest, Peggy Williamson
  • Nursery: Jane Alexander, Vivian Hare, Mason Blake

Congregational Care: Amy Blake, Anne Stone – Session Liaison: John Casper
(This committee oversees and coordinates care efforts for the church family)

Evangelism & Membership: Ellen Henschen
(This team spreads the word; invites, greets, welcomes, and incorporates new folks; and fosters all of the categories of membership available in the MPC family)

Fellowship: Grace Nichols
(Conceives, oversees and coordinates opportunities for members of our church family to get together beyond worship)

Mission & Outreach: Nancy Midgette – Session Liaison: George Sawyer
(Oversees our support for ministry partners and offers opportunities for members of our church family to get involved in caring for
the community and the world)

Personnel: Ellen Dean, Jim Henderson & Lynn Gilliland

Stewardship of Finance & Property: Dan Dean

Worship & Music: Lisa Rome

Clerk of Session: Ellen Dean

Assistant Clerk: Ellen Henschen

Treasurer: Lynn Gilliland