Welcome, Inclusivity and Accessibility Statement

In the welcoming name of Jesus Christ, we affirm that “Space that is set apart for worship should encourage community, be accessible to all, and open us to reverence for God.” [i] We believe this to be true not only for worship but in all of our activity, and beyond merely spatial considerations. Our church is dedicated to promoting, improving and working toward full accessibility for all so that all God’s children may find a place to participate in the mission and ministries to which God calls them.

The Montreat Presbyterian Church family seeks to model community, accessibility and reverence by encouraging the sharing of needs and perspectives among all our participants, and by making sure that our model is the ministry of all the people rather than accessibility-privileged leaders “ministering to” those whose needs they may not fully comprehend. Please let us know—the pastor, the office, or any of our session members and staff—if there are ways in which accessibility might be improved for anyone.


[i] PC(USA) Book of Order, W-1.0203

Sunday, February 25 at 10:00 A.M.

Upper Anderson and Livestreamed.


Come Worship with Us – All are Welcome!

A brief word on the resurgence of

Covid in our community:

Please Use Discretion

 Several members of our church family,

and many in the wider community,

have tested positive for Covid this

week, and it is practically inevitable

that people are encountering it any

time we are in public places.

Masks and hand sanitizer will be

  available at all MPC events and are

strongly encouraged. I will be

disciplining myself to decline

handshakes and hugs;

I ask your help in that endeavor.



When deciding whether to

attend in person, please let

your first consideration be

your health and safety and

the health and safety of those

around you. Technology now

allows us to provide access to

Sunday morning worship for

those who join our services

from home or away, and we

remain one church, no matter

where we are when we


Sunday Worship services are live

streamed each Sunday on the YouTube

channel of Montreat Presbyterian


The video recording of the services are generally available on the same YouTube channel shortly after the service concludes. Pre-recorded Montreat Wednesday Programs can also be found on our channel.



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Montreat Presbyterian Church
PO Box 577
Montreat, NC 28757

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