Summer Sunday Morning Worship
10:30 A.M.
Anderson Auditorium • Livestream

All Are Welcome Here

Welcome To Montreat Presbyterian Church

God is making Montreat Presbyterian Church a growing congregation of worshipers, thinkers, and seekers ranging across wide spectra in theology, politics, backgrounds, and perspectives. We invite you to come with us—online or in person; on a permanent basis, or whenever you may be in Montreat—to experience the deep joy and life-giving excitement of coming to know God and following Jesus.

We invite you to help us share the tangible love of God with the whole world and are strengthened by your presence and participation. All are welcome and valued here, specifically because of who you are, whatever your race, background, personal history, ethnicity, orientation, gender identification, politics, nationality, economic status or any other aspect of who you are.
Come and help us be the people of God together!

Montreat Anderson Auditorium, Montreat NC

Summer Sunday Worship

10:30 A.M. Anderson Auditorium June 2nd – August 4th, 2024 w/ Montreat Conference Center


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Our Events

Montreat Presbyterian Church has many events throughout the year. Please check out our lasted events on our monthly calendar at more info.

Welcome, Inclusivity and Accessibility Statement

In the welcoming name of Jesus Christ, we affirm with the PCUSA Book of Order “Space that is set apart for worship should encourage community, be accessible to all, and open us to reverence for God.” We believe this to be true not only for worship but in all of our activity, and beyond merely spatial considerations. Our church is dedicated to promoting, improving and working toward full accessibility for all so that all God’s children may find a place to participate in the mission and ministries to which God calls them.

The Montreat Presbyterian Church family seeks to model community, accessibility and reverence by encouraging the sharing of needs and perspectives among all our participants, and by making sure that our model is the ministry of all the people rather than accessibility-privileged leaders “ministering to” those whose needs they may not fully comprehend. Please let us know—the pastor, the office, or any of our session members and staff—if there are ways in which accessibility might be improved for anyone.

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Donations and Memorials are held sacred by Montreat Presbyterian Church.