Taizé Worship In Montreat

Table at Montreat Presbyterian Church Taize Service

Join Us For A Series Of Worship Services

Reflecting The Practice Of The Taizé Monastic Community

Silences, candlelight, psalms, prayers, and brief, easily grasped, repeated chants are essential to the meditative character of Taizé worship. In keeping with centuries-old monastic tradition, the atmosphere of the service is not broken by instructions or personal comments. An informative sheet will be made available as people enter the worship space. The service will last under an hour and is timed to coincide with sunset. There will still be twilight when each service concludes.

All are welcome!

These services are offered as a partnership of Montreat Presbyterian Church and Montreat Conference Center.

Next scheduled Taizé service is September 4, 2024
montreat presbyterian church taize services montreat nc
Taize Services Montreat Presbyterian Church Montreat NC