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Montreat Presbyterian Church

Worship at
Montreat Presbyterian Church

Worship services at Montreat Presbyterian Church aim to reflect, in every aspect, what the PC(USA) Book of Order says about our spaces for worship: that they should “facilitate accessibility and ease of gathering, generate a sense of community, and open people to reverence before God.” Not only our space, but our music, our preaching, our liturgy, our welcome, our worship time, our bulletins and sound and lighting and every other consideration are meant to embody those ideals.

Summer Worship Series:

The Sunday morning worship service of Montreat Presbyterian Church and the Montreat Conference Center with Black Mountain Presbyterian Church

Each Sunday morning of the summer season (June 2-Aug. 4), the community gathers to worship God with prayer, singing, artistic expressions, and the Word proclaimed. All are welcome to join this holy gathering on Sundays at 10:30 A.M. in Anderson Auditorium and online.

See the 2024 schedule and more information at the Montreat Conference Center website.

Montreat Anderson Auditorium Montreat Presbyterian Church

What We Believe

We Welcome All

– is intended to be a place of welcome for all, a safe place to be who you are

Your Relationship With God Is Unique

- recognizes that your relationship with God is unique, and like all relationships, it may be in any number of conditions at any given time

Christian Worship

– is Christian worship grounded in the Reformed tradition

God's Unrelenting Love

– invites you to let the Word of God inspire, challenge, strengthen, and surround you with God’s unrelenting love.

The Sacraments

Reformed teaching recognizes two sacraments, instituted by Christ according to the Bible: communion and baptism. We celebrate communion–also known as The Lord’s Supper, the Eucharist, or Holy Communion–monthly in Sunday morning worship (usually on the first Sunday of each month), and at several other services throughout the year. Our table is open to all who come seeking assurance of God’s love for you in Jesus Christ..